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  • ideaVJ: real-time visualisation for events

    ideaVJ supports event organisers to deliver a ‘WOW’ effect for congresses, meetings & events.


    ideaVJ helps to keep the audience engaged. For larger events, during walk-ins & -outs, as a side kick to keynotes, product launches, interactive meetings during registration moments & breaks ideaVJ uses spot-on movies, images, sounds and texts to support messages and speakers.


    Event enrichment ensured!

  • ideaVJ

    ideaVJ helps event organisers to deliver a 'wow' factor!

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    visual support

    ideaVJ provides real-time visual support for meetings, conferences & events. ideaVJ delivers a 'wow' factor!

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    ideaVJ shows spot-on images, movies or quotes. All based on real-time association by ideaVJ.

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    engaged audiences

    ideaVJ helps event organisers to keep the audience engaged with visuals and interaction support.

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    enriching events

    ideaVJ works very well for the flow of larger events, for discussion panels and as side-kick for presenters.

  • how ideaVJ works

    check out the 'how ideaVJ works' video + PDF!

  • ideaVJ in action

    powering events, conferences, panel debates, ...

  • event enrichment

    ideaVJ strikes a fine balance between content and entertainment, based on extensive innovation & public speaking experience and a database with thousands of movies and images and a live internet connection to use on the spot, on demand and in full interaction.


    Twitter walls, photo shows, cross industry inspiration and future trends are included in the ideaVJ suitcases. ideaVJ is a master of timing, knowing exactly when and where to stimulate.


    Event enrichment ensured!

  • what clients say

    a short selection of testimonials for ideaVJ, see also the testimonial video

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    "The ideaVJs Ramon & Marc were an excellent choice for our Portfolio Day (we call it Family Day). They guided us excellent through this 2-Day-Event with more than 750 guests, they created an exceptionally atmosphere with their work."

    Simon Schneider, Investment Director – HTGF

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    "Our client event was – thanks to IdeaVJ – a very successful event. The reactions were almost unanimously positive and what struck me was that some participants wanted to use some of the exercises during their own meeting or with colleagues. Looking forward to collaborate again in the future."

    Peter Appeljan, Director – Syntrus Achmea real estate & finance​

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    "Last year, I had the pleasant occasion to meet the ideaVJs Ramon & Marc at an internal company event. Their way of interactive, visual presenting/coaching was impressive and created an inspirational atmosphere for all participants, even the most sceptical ones. It was fun AND effective. No more boring events with these guys!’​"

    Helga Webers, Marketing Manager – Desso

  • who we are

    the ideaVJs

    Ramon Vullings

    Ramon Vullings

    Ramon Vullings is an expert on cross-industry innovation & business transformation. He is an ideaDJ, mixing ideas cross sectors and domains.


    Ramon helps companies to take a low-risk, high impact approach to innovation: cross-industry innovation. And he loves being an ideaVJ.

    Marc Heleven

    Marc Heleven

    Marc Heleven is a cross-industry expert, professional web searcher for innovation inspiration, author (Not invented here: cross-industry innovation).


    Marc is also Slideshare Keynote Author, workshop & training facilitator and ideaVJ.

  • contact

    let's link up & wow your next event!

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